What does the layout of apartments 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 mean in Turkey?

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Investments in Turkish real estate are becoming increasingly tempting for foreigners, given the advantages of this southern country. Turkey attracts with its favorable climate, gorgeous nature, ancient historical monuments, unique oriental culture and flavor, and the price-quality ratio of real estate.

However, the first acquaintance with the local housing market can cause some confusion due to unusual designations and specific features of apartment layouts, which are worth familiarizing yourself with in advance to better understand the offers.

What is the layout of apartments in Turkey? How to choose the right housing and not make a mistake? We will talk about this in our new publication.

Features of Apartment Layouts in Turkey

Official statistics confirm that residential real estate in Turkey over the past few years has become one of the most attractive investment destinations among foreign investors. Turkish apartments are purchased for the purpose of moving and living, recreation, profitable resale and rental to obtain a stable profit.

Housing in Turkey meets all European quality standards. Among the many advantages, it is worth noting the well-thought-out planning solutions of the apartments, which are different from the standard one-room and two-room apartments of the old housing stock in the territory of the former CIS countries. Thus, in the Republic of Turkey, several years ago, at the legislative level, the construction and sale of small apartments with an area of ​​less than 28.5 m2 was prohibited. In addition, the layout of residential properties takes into account the presence of a separate kitchen and bedroom. This means that today you can only buy a studio apartment on the secondary market. But such offers are in little demand among investors, since on the one hand they are not very suitable for comfortable relaxation and living, and on the other hand, the price difference between more spacious apartments and studios is small.

Also, specific apartment designations are new to most foreigners. For example, what does it mean for an apartment 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+2, which are indicated in advertisements on the websites of real estate agencies in Turkey? It's simple! Here it is customary to count separately the number of bedrooms and living rooms:

  • the first digit indicates how many bedrooms are in the apartment;
  • the second is the number of living rooms.

Depending on the layout, objects have their own distinctive characteristics. We will talk further about how rooms are counted in Turkey.

Apartment 1+1

What does a 1+1 apartment look like in Turkey

Apartments 1+1 are two-room apartments with one bedroom and one living room combined with a kitchen. Most often they are bought by foreign citizens who want to save money on buying a home abroad. The area of ​​1+1 apartments is at least 28.5 m2.

1+1 apartment in Turkey is considered one of the most popular among foreign buyers and tourists. Firstly, owners of compact housing can come to the Republic of Turkey and evaluate how suitable the country is for them to live. And secondly, as a rule, vacationers choose such properties because of the low rental cost.

In Mediterranean resorts, such as Alanya and Antalya, there are a large number of options for selling or renting 1+1 apartments. However, keep in mind that the living room in the apartment will be larger in area than the bedroom. But even in such small-sized housing there are often two bathrooms and a large balcony.

The cost of 1+1 apartments starts from 80,000 euros.

Apartment 2+1

What 2+1 apartments look like in Turkey

Apartment 2+1 is an apartment with two bedrooms and one living room, American style. As a rule, the layout includes two bathrooms. A good option for a family with a child. The area is larger than in one-room apartments. But the bedrooms are also small: they only fit a bed and a wardrobe.

  • The advantage of 2+1 housing is the presence of a large balcony. Some apartments even have two of them. Standard area is 60–100 m2.
  • Price tag: from 100,000 euros.

Apartment 3+1

What 3+1 apartments look like in Turkey

A 3+1 apartment in Turkey is a residential property, the layout of which includes three bedrooms, one living room combined with a kitchen or separate from it, as well as two bathrooms and two terraces.

  • The area of ​​the 3+1 apartment is 100–160 m2.
  • The cost starts from 100,000–150,000 euros.

Apartments with a layout of 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 2+2 and more - these can be not only standard apartments, but also two-level penthouses or duplexes. In this case, the living room and kitchen are located on the first level, and the bedrooms are on the second level. If the penthouse has a large area, then the planning solutions necessarily include a spacious terrace with a relaxation area or a swimming pool.

Other Layout Features

The designation of apartment layouts in Turkey does not give a complete understanding of what Turkish residential real estate is like. As we wrote above, apartments in the Republic of Turkey have their own specific characteristics.

For example, in Turkey it is not customary to build houses according to a certain standard of architectural, planning and design solutions. What the residential complex and apartments in it will be like is decided by the construction company.

Apartments vary in the number of rooms, layout, and square footage. In addition, there are significant differences from the usual standards in organizing space. The developer determines whether the kitchen will be combined with a living room according to the American style, how many bathrooms and terraces will be installed in certain apartments, what is the area of ​​the bedrooms and whether a dressing room is needed.

Of course, there are several common characteristics that literally all Turkish developers use in construction, taking into account modern trends and ideas about comfortable living. Let's look at some of them:

  • The living room occupies a significant part of the housing area, since this is where the owners spend the most time.
  • The kitchen is often combined with the living room. The work area is separated from the living room by a bar counter, an arch or a kitchen table.
  • The bedrooms are of minimal size and are designed for the owners to only sleep here. As a rule, the size of Turkish bedrooms allows you to place a large bed or two single beds, as well as a wardrobe.

If this is not a 1+1 apartment, then most likely the developer has provided in the layout a comfortable number of bathrooms corresponding to the number of bedrooms.

Due to the climate, all apartments in Turkish resorts have a large balcony or terrace. Developers are trying to make this part of the housing spacious so that they can arrange a relaxation area with armchairs and a table or wicker furniture and indoor plants. And on the terraces of apartments on the upper floors it is possible to install a jacuzzi and barbecue in addition to furniture.

Some modern apartments in Turkey have bedrooms combined with dressing rooms.

In addition to the specifics of planning solutions and the number of rooms, buyers are faced with the question of calculating the area in apartments. The thing is that in Turkey, housing area is calculated differently than in other countries.. Without knowing these features, buyers are often surprised to learn that the area of ​​the apartment they like actually differs from the data indicated in the ad.

In the Republic of Turkey, it is customary to register the “gross” area, which includes footage:

  • all rooms together with partitions;
  • terraces and balconies;
  • parts of the landing or lobby, elevators.

And this is by no means a way to deceive a gullible buyer. According to Turkish law, the entire area of ​​a residential apartment building must belong to someone. Thus, the square footage of apartments includes not only apartments, but also the area of ​​common areas, divided equally among all residents. When choosing apartments, keep in mind that their actual area will be 20–30% less than that indicated in the advertisement! We recommend, if possible, not to neglect the introductory tour and choose accommodation when visiting Turkey.

Also pay attention to the rules for indicating floors in Turkey. The first floor is called the zero or entrance floor. As a rule, the ground floor is located at ground level. Accordingly, our second floor in the eastern republic is considered the first.

Often apartments at mid-level in Turkey are more expensive than at zero level. On the one hand, as the safest places to live (although in Turkish resorts the crime rate is very low). On the other hand, on higher floors there are no problems with poor waterproofing.

In addition to the need to understand what an apartment 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 means in Turkey, take into account one more important point: all properties on the primary market are sold out fully renovated. The apartments have utility lines installed, walls are painted or wallpapered, entrance and interior doors, double-glazed windows, plumbing, kitchen units are installed, and there is flooring (parquet or laminate, ceramic tiles). That is, all you need to do to move and move in, or rent out is to purchase the necessary furniture and household appliances, decor and household items.

Most properties on the secondary market in Turkey are offered with cosmetic repairs.

Buying an apartment in Turkey is a reliable investment tool that will allow you to preserve and increase your financial savings. The key to success in investing in liquid Turkish real estate is cooperation with professionals represented by large real estate agencies or experienced developers.

Contact the real estate agency Altop Real Estate. Our catalog presents apartments of any layout for different purposes and budgets, both in ultra-modern residential complexes and among resale properties. We accompany you at all stages of concluding a home purchase and sale transaction in Turkey, and also provide clients with a wide range of after-sales services.

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