What is Iskan in Turkey?

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Iskan (pronounced "iskyan" or "isken," officially known as Yapı Kullanma İzin Belgesi) is the technical passport of a real estate property. In simple terms, it is the act of commissioning or the initial permitting documentation. Iskan is a legal confirmation that the building (residential or commercial) complies with all construction standards, fire safety regulations, earthquake resistance, conforms to the master plan of the area, and is ready for connection to utility networks.

A document is issued at the municipality (Belediye) at the address of the property. It appears as a standard A4 sheet with a table detailing the general technical characteristics of the real estate.

According to Law No. 3194 Sayılı İmar Kanunu, the developer must obtain an occupancy permit within 5 years from the date of receiving the construction permit (Imar). Otherwise, the permit is annulled.

It is worth noting that unlike technical passports in post-Soviet countries, Turkish technical passports do not specify the layout of apartments or complexes.

Iskan is issued only once and only when purchasing property in a new building.

What is Iskan Used for?

Primarily, the document is necessary for entering into contracts for the provision of utility services. In other words, without this document, it is not possible to connect water, electricity, or gas to the building.

Types of Iskan

There are three types of Iskan:

  • Genel Iskan (General Iskan) - general technical passport.
  • Ferdi Iskan (Individual Iskan) - occupancy permit for individual apartments.
  • Toplu Iskan (Collective Iskan) - new model of technical passport.

All three types of technical passports are still in use. Ferdi Iskan is issued for real estate built before 2020, while Toplu Iskan is issued for real estate completed after 2020.

Genel Iskan

Genel Iskan (General Iskan) is a document certifying the occupancy permit for the entire real estate property during construction, provided that all standards are met.

Information included in the document:

  • Presence of evacuation routes and fire alarms
  • Compliance with established standards and regulations
  • Seismic resistance standards
  • Regulations for utility connections

Important note:

All buildings constructed before 2020 must have Genel Iskan. Buildings without a Genel Iskan are considered unfit for habitation as the construction is legally deemed incomplete.

Ferdi İskan (Individual Occupancy Permit)

Ferdi Iskan is a type of Iskan that was issued individually to the owner of the apartment or house before 2020.

Information included in the document:

  • Property address
  • Location and number of rooms
  • Area
  • Owner's information

Toplu İskan (Collective Occupancy Permit)

Toplu Iskan is a new type of technical passport issued for properties built after 2020. This type of Iskan is issued for the entire complex, and it includes the technical specifications of all apartments.

The production of such a document takes between 7 to 10 working days. The cost of issuance depends on the characteristics of the property.

How much does Iskan cost?

The average cost of obtaining Iskan ranges from 1,900 to 4,000 Turkish Lira, depending on the characteristics of the residential property. However, if the previous owner of the property has already obtained Iskan, it does not need to be reissued.

Is Iskan required for a residence permit (VKN)?

Iskan is not required to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. A residence permit can be obtained based on the Title Deed (TAPU) when purchasing property worth at least $200,000.

Is it possible to purchase property in Turkey without Iskan?

According to Turkish legislation, buying property without a technical passport is not prohibited.

What happens if you buy an apartment in Turkey without Iskan?

Without a technical passport, the property owner may face several problems, including:

  1. Utility bills will be twice as expensive.
  2. In the event that you decide to sell your apartment, due to the incomplete set of documents, its value will be significantly lower.

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