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Türkiye is a country of contrasts, where history merges with modernity, and nature reveals its beauty with a variety of landscapes. This amazing paradise attracts foreigners not only from the point of view of recreation, but also presents a number of promising opportunities: from obtaining a residence permit and citizenship to opening a business and making a profit.

This is the land of a thousand and one nights, where every corner is saturated with the aromas of spices and sea breezes. Ancient buildings and modern culture, majestic landscapes and inspiring leisure are closely intertwined here. Warm gentle waves of 4 seas: Mediterranean, Aegean, Black and Marmara create the perfect backdrop for a lazy beach holiday.

The sandy shores of Antalya, the thermal springs of Bursa, the picturesque landscapes of the Lycian coast are just a small part of the options offered by the sunny and hospitable republic. Visit the cities of Turkey and immerse yourself in the amazing heritage of this country.

Every stone, every narrow alley, every ancient tower tells a unique story. Istanbul, shimmering with stones and metals, like living flying fabric, reveals something mysterious. And the Byzantine splendor of Hagia Sophia and the tranquil atmosphere of the Temple of the Life-Giving Source allow you to experience different cultures.

The stunningly beautiful mountains of Bursa are surrounded by greenery, and the ancient streets of Izmir attract with a mysterious atmosphere and warm hospitality.

This guide will take you on an exciting journey through the most beautiful cities in Turkey. The most popular include:

  • Istanbul
  • Antalya
  • Bursa
  • Izmir
  • Fethiye

Discover their unique stories, enjoy the beauty of nature and explore new horizons in a stunningly beautiful country. In each city you will find not only a journey through time and cultural traditions, but also the opportunity to master a new stage of life in this amazing corner of the world.

Istanbul: a bridge between East and West

Photos of the city of Istanbul

Istanbul is the most beautiful city in Turkey, where antiquity meets modernity, and eastern mysteries intertwine with western comfort. The metropolis is widely known for its atmospheric bazaars, luxurious palaces and picturesque embankments.

Historical facts

Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, a city with a thousand-year history, serves as an amazing bridge between East and West. Founded as Byzantium in the 7th century BC, it became the capital of the Roman Empire and then the Ottoman Empire. Interestingly, Istanbul is the only city located on two continents: Europe and Asia.

Beautiful places worth visiting

  • The majestic Basilica of Hagia Sophia, converted into a mosque, impresses with its architecture and history.
  • The Blue Mosque, or Sultanahmet, amazes with the beauty of its blue tiles.
  • Topkapi Palace recreates the atmosphere of the Ottoman Empire with its magnificent halls and gardens.
  • The Grand Bazaar is a huge market with an oriental shopping atmosphere. Here you can stroll among the numerous stalls selling oriental goods, such as colorful carpets, antique jewelry and fragrant spices. An experienced trader will certainly share interesting facts about each product.
  • It is also worth visiting Kapaly Charshi, the oldest covered bazaar in such an interesting city, filled with the atmosphere of a truly oriental market.
  • Cultural events are often held at the Istanbul Theatre, in the Sisli district. Art and design lovers should visit the Design Center, where interesting exhibitions are held.
  • You can have a great time on the Eminonu embankment, enjoying unsurpassed views of the Bosphorus and the Istanbul Peninsula. For a relaxing walk, Gulhane Park in the center of the best city in Turkey is ideal. The ancient trees and colorful flower beds will definitely leave an unforgettable impression.
  • It is worth going to the historical district of Pera, located in the European part of Istanbul. It is noteworthy that the Byzantine region of Galata was previously called this way. Nowadays, when people talk about Pera, they most often mean the Beyoğlu district, famous for Taksim Square, Istiklal Street and other historical attractions.

Galata is famous for its rich history, narrow streets, ancient buildings and, of course, the Galata Tower. This is one of the most recognizable and symbolic landmarks of Istanbul.

Both areas feature unique architecture, shopping streets, local restaurants and a rich cultural heritage. Therefore, they are popular among tourists and local residents who want to enjoy the atmosphere of an old, truly beautiful city.

  • If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, head to the Princes' Islands. A peaceful holiday surrounded by nature and silence is guaranteed to you! Here you can enjoy yacht trips, bicycle tours and discover unique wooden mansions, monasteries and churches that carefully preserve the spirit of old Greek culture.

And, of course, don’t forget about the delicious highlights of Istanbul - the best city in Turkey! The famous baked potato (Kumpir) in Ortakoy, fish sandwich (balık - ekmek) in Eminonu, cutlets in Sultanahmet, white beans in Suleymaniye, bozu in Vefa. Each dish is a gastronomic feast for our taste buds.

Life in Istanbul

Istanbul is a stunningly beautiful city, a tourist magnet, a comfortable place to live, offering a variety of opportunities for work, education and entertainment.


The prestigious Bosphorus University and Sabanci University are located here, with a wide range of educational programs. In addition, in such an interesting and beautiful city of Turkey there are many language schools and cultural centers.

Work and business

Istanbul is considered the business center of the Republic of Turkey. The Leytepe financial district is represented by the offices of international companies. The economy of Turkey's metropolis is diverse. Tourism, finance, transport and technology are actively developing.

Transport infrastructure

Istanbul has an excellent public transport network, including metro, trams and buses, making it easy to get around Turkey's most popular city. Bridges across the Bosphorus, such as the 15 July Shehitler Koshu, provide connections between different parts of the city.

Healthcare and sports

Istanbul has many modern medical centers and clinics, including American Hospital Istanbul and Acibadem Maslak Hospital. The metropolis also provides extensive sports opportunities, from fitness clubs to running parks and bike paths.

Incredibly beautiful and colorful Istanbul not only captivates with history and culture, but also provides many opportunities for those who decide to make it their home. Magnificent historical monuments that have preserved the spirit of different eras are harmoniously combined with the modern dynamics of the city. Istanbul not only invites you to immerse yourself in a rich historical heritage. The metropolis also offers endless opportunities for foreign migrants and investors. Here everyone can find their own corner - be it a historical district or a dynamic quarter.

Antalya - the city of sun and sea

Antalya Photos

Antalya is the perfect combination of a warm Mediterranean climate, rich history and comfortable life. The coastal resort is one of the most visited and beautiful cities in Turkey. Every year the province welcomes about 10 million citizens from different parts of the world. Antalya is popular both as a tourist center and as a place to move for permanent residence.

Tourist villages are located along the wide, beautiful coastline, attracting with the Mediterranean lifestyle. Alanya, Kas, Kalkan and Belek are incredibly beautiful small towns in the Antalya region that have become favorites for many foreigners.

Alanya is located on the east coast of Antalya and amazes with its variety of entertainment and tourist comfort. The magnificent Cleopatra Beach in the center has become the hallmark of the beautiful city thanks to its soft and silky sand, cleanliness and amenities. The nightlife here is full of interesting events, and the infrastructure provides all the conditions for a comfortable stay.

The suburban village of Belek has become famous as the epicenter of golf tourism in Turkey. With a variety of golf resorts and The Land of Legends theme park, Belek attracts lovers of active and cultural holidays.

Kaş, in the west of the province, is a secluded destination for sophisticated holidays. There are no mass hotels here, which allows you to preserve the atmosphere of a Turkish town on the Mediterranean Sea. Walking through narrow streets, enjoying Mediterranean luxury - Kas offers all the conditions for a quiet and measured holiday.

The port center attracts nature and history lovers. Kaputas Beach, unexplored coves, ancient ruins - in Kas you can discover many amazingly beautiful places. For lovers of active recreation, hiking and trekking along the Lycian Way are offered. And the sunken ancient city in Kekova adds mystery to interesting adventures.

When you get hungry, be sure to try piyaz and cutlets from Aksu - traditional dishes with special tastes and aromas.

Antalya is one of the most famous cities in Turkey, one might say, a unique world where everyone will certainly find their own corner for happiness and relaxation.

Historical facts and attractions

Antalya, one of Turkey's most popular resorts, is rich in history stretching back thousands of years. The city has been inhabited since ancient times and has had various names such as Attalos and Side. In ancient times, Antalya was part of the Pamphylian region and was part of the Roman Empire.

The historical facts of Antalya are associated with a rich cultural heritage. Here you will find ancient monuments, including a majestic amphitheater built in the 2nd century AD. BC, which is still used for concerts and events. This beautiful city is also famous for the Hadrian Fortress, built in honor of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD. e.

One of the key historical sites of Antalya is the interesting old town with narrow streets, ancient houses and fragments of walls that delight in architectural beauty. Here you can feel the spirit of the past and enjoy the atmosphere of a beautiful ancient city.

Antalya also has a museum displaying artifacts from various historical eras, including the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. The city not only attracts tourists with its beautiful beaches, but also provides a unique opportunity to immerse itself in the richness of its cultural heritage.

Beautiful places worth visiting

Kursunlu is an incredibly beautiful beach with golden sand and clear sea. The arboretum is surrounded by centuries-old trees and flowering plants. The observation deck on Mount Tunektepe offers panoramic views of the city and the sea.

Life in Antalya

Antalya, in addition to its charming beaches, offers excellent living and working conditions. One of the most beautiful cities to live in, which has a developed infrastructure and rich opportunities for an active lifestyle.


Antalya has various educational institutions, including Akdeniz State University and many private schools. This is attractive to both locals and international students.

Work and business

Thanks to active tourism and developed infrastructure, Antalya has plenty of opportunities for career growth and entrepreneurship. The tourism sector, trade and agriculture are the main industries.

Transport infrastructure

The city is served by a well-developed public transport system, including buses, trams and taxis. Car and bicycle rentals are available for easier transportation.

Healthcare and sports

Antalya has many modern medical institutions, including the Memorial multidisciplinary medical center. The region also offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities, including golf, water sports, mountaineering and cycling.

Antalya is an ideal place to relax and live, where beautiful nature, interesting culture and high comfort harmoniously combine. The city captivates with genuine charm and remains in the heart of everyone who comes here.

Bursa - harmony of centuries and masterpieces of nature in the heart of Turkey

Photos of the city of Bursa

Welcome to Bursa, the pearl of northwestern Turkey, where every street is imbued with history and the magic of the Ottoman Empire is felt. The city is very interesting and is located on the shores of the Sea of ​​Marmara. Bursa seems to be covered with a veil of a mysterious past that is never erased.

Historical facts

Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, is famous for its pristine green nature and thermal springs. It was founded in the 3rd century BC. and quickly became an important commercial and cultural center.

Historical landmarks

Bursa impresses with its attractions, including:

  • Muradiye Külliyesi Complex
  • Murat Pasha Mosque. The complex is an architectural splendor, an example of the Ottoman era, with a mosque that embodies the refined style of Turkish architecture.
  • Turkish baths. Luxurious hammams are filled with the atmosphere of a traditional Turkish holiday.
  • Mausoleum. Here you can pay tribute to past times and indulge in reflections on great history.
  • Green Mosque
    • A wonderful example of Ottoman architecture. The Green Mosque surprises with its aesthetic ceramics and decorative mosaics. This is a real work of art.
  • Gozlebent Palace
    • The palace, converted into a museum, offers visitors fascinating exhibitions that reveal the characteristics of the region.

In Bursa, you can easily step back into the Ottoman era and immerse yourself in the richness of Turkish culture.

Beautiful places worth visiting

Bursa is a kind of mosaic of cultural heritage. Former Greek settlements such as Tirilje, Mudanya and Gölyazi (Apolonia) embody a multicultural atmosphere. A journey through coastal villages and towns will take you from the past to the present.

Goljazy admires the ancient plane trees, including the “Weeping plane tree,” from whose branches a mysterious brown liquid flows, like tears of time. The legend of this 750-year-old tree reveals the moving story of Romeo and Juliet.

The extraordinary plane trees are not the only elders in this cultural wealth. Chinar "Inkaya" in Uludag Park is a 600-year-old witness of time, surrounded by a cafe with a wonderful Turkish breakfast. Each century-old trunk displays the wisdom of time.

Uludag, a prestigious ski center, welcomes visitors from January to February. This opens up wonderful skiing opportunities.

Soganly Botanical Park is a real paradise for nature lovers. Japanese, French and English gardens amaze with the variety of trees. Here, surrounded by nature, you can spend a weekend full of hiking, trekking and running.

And a little about the great tastes of the region. Try the famous local dish "Iskender kebab", sweets "Lokma" and "Kestane şekeri" (chestnut sweets), and be sure to visit restaurants in the old quarters for a complete immersion in local cuisine.

Life in Bursa

Bursa, in addition to its developed tourism sector, provides excellent conditions for a comfortable life. Therefore, the city is interesting both for tourists and for those wishing to move for permanent residence.


Bursa is truly famous for its higher education institutions, including the Technical University. Of course, this attracts students from all over the world, who are attracted by the wide educational opportunities.

Economics and work

Bursa is an important industrial and commercial center of Turkey. Industries such as construction, automotive and textiles are booming in the region, creating a favorable environment for employment.

Transport infrastructure

Bursa is one of the famous cities in Turkey and has an extensive transport network, including metro, buses and funicular. This makes it easier to move around the city and interact with other regions, making it a convenient place to live and work.

Healthcare and recreation

Bursa provides high-quality medical services, as well as extensive recreational opportunities, including SPA centers and modern sports facilities. This not only helps maintain health, but also creates a favorable environment for an active lifestyle.

Here you can enjoy nature, immerse yourself in history and enjoy the comfort of a modern beautiful city. Whether you're a tourist or looking for a new home, Bursa offers amazing adventures and an incredible experience.

Izmir - the pearl of the Aegean coast

Izmir Photos

Izmir combines the beauty of the Aegean coast, a wealth of history and a modern lifestyle. The city by the sea offers residents and visitors scenic views, warm hospitality and plenty of opportunity.

Historical data

Izmir, immersed in the light of the Aegean Sea, is the personification of ancient culture and mysterious antiquity. Its history begins in the 3rd millennium BC, when the place served as a Greek colony. The ancient traces of Izmir are everywhere, creating a unique combination of antiquity and modernity.

The dynamic atmosphere and cultural trends are due to the centuries-old influence of various civilizations. Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Turkish heritage fit harmoniously into the mosaic portrait of a rather beautiful and interesting city.

Izmir's architectural landscape is a fascinating combination of styles and forms. From Greek columns to Byzantine churches and Turkish mosques. Each building is a living artifact that tells a unique story.

Today, Izmir retains its role as a cultural and historical center, where tradition and modernity are closely intertwined. Festivals, exhibitions and cultural events are full of something special, giving the city its special character.


Ephesus - the pearl of antiquity in Izmir

Located a few hours' drive from Izmir, it is a magnificent testament to the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. The monument is included in the list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and exudes an atmosphere of grandeur and importance. Here you can walk the streets, see theaters, temples, and relive the greatness of ancient culture. Ephesus perfectly conveys the mysterious past and splendor of the ancient world.

Basilica of St. John

A monumental object that immerses you in the atmosphere of early Christian traditions. Here is the burial place of John the Evangelist. The basilica was known as a revered Christian sanctuary. Today you can see majestic ruins here, characterized by exquisite architecture and importance for Christian history.

Kadifekale (Bamboo Castle)

Kadifekale, or Bamboo Castle, perches on a hill, offering breathtaking views of Izmir and the Aegean Sea. This historical monument, erected by the Romans, served as a defensive fortress. Visitors can climb to the top to enjoy panoramic views of the city and surrounding scenery. Kadifekale is a place where the grandeur of antiquity is combined with the splendor of nature.

Kemeralti Historical Market

Here you can experience an authentic immersion in Turkish culture and traditions. The ancient streets with antique buildings reveal to visitors the centuries-old heritage of the beautiful small city.

Every step is accompanied by the aromas of spices, bright colors of fruits and the comfort of tea houses. The shops offer a variety of goods, from traditional handicrafts to ancient antiques.

It is a social center where everyone can enjoy tea, lively conversations and authentic music. Here traditions intertwine with modernity, creating a unique atmosphere in which the history of the city and its cultural heritage come to life.

It is noteworthy that the town of Alacati hosts an annual Herb Festival. What's missing here! A variety of spices, plants and vegetables are available. By the way, don't miss the famous local Izmir kumru sandwich and boyoz bun! And Sirince wines have already gained worldwide fame.

Beautiful places worth visiting

Kemeralti embankment is a picturesque alley with cafes, restaurants and shops. Kusadasi Island is a great place for day trips with clean beaches and warm seas. Gediz Deltasi Nature Park is ideal for bird and nature watching.

Beaches and sea

The stunning beaches, in particular Balčovy, with their golden sand and clear waves, attract both active holiday enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility by the sea.

Life in Izmir

Izmir is not only an interesting place for a temporary holiday, but also one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey to live.

Outstanding educational institutions, including the University of the Aegean and Yaşar University, attract students and researchers from all over the world.

The diverse economy, including shipbuilding, provides a variety of employment opportunities.

A developed transport system, including metro, buses and taxis, facilitates movement both within the city and in its surroundings.

Modern medical services, sports complexes and parks guarantee proper care and health care.

Fethiye: Adventures on the Lycian Coast


Photo of the city of Fethiye in Turkey

Fethiye is located on the Aegean coast and is one of the top cities in Turkey for living and recreation. The region impresses with historical and natural attractions and a variety of leisure activities. Among them:

  • The ancient amphitheater, built in the 5th century BC, provides an educational glimpse into the architectural prowess of the ancients. The historical site immerses visitors in the atmosphere of ancient performances and interesting entertainment.
  • Built by the Knights of St. John in the 11th century, Fethiye Fortress towers over the city, offering breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding lands. Its walls and towers are reminders of the region's turbulent history.
  • Sarcophagi of Lycia. Fethiye is famous for its unique sarcophagi carved into the rock. These ancient burial monuments with exquisite carvings and images provide a fascinating glimpse into the cultural heritage of Lycia.
  • Beaches and bays. The city is surrounded by beautiful beaches and bays such as Oludeniz, where warm waters and picturesque natural scenery attract both holidaymakers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Babadag Island. Located off the coast of Fethiye, it is known for its natural beauty and diving and snorkeling opportunities.
  • Ruins of Telmessos. Fethiye recreates the atmosphere of the ancient city of Telmessos, which left many archaeological finds such as ancient streets, temples and houses.
  • Yacht tour. Traveling to the nearby islands by yacht is a great way to enjoy the Aegean Sea and its surrounding beauty.

Local attractions make Fethiye an attractive destination for history, culture and nature lovers.

Beautiful places worth visiting

  • Oludeniz Lagoon is an exciting destination for beach holidays and active sports.
  • The Babadag Valley Nature Reserve is ideal for hiking and attracts with amazing views.
  • Kayaking in the Saklikent gorge is an adventure for lovers of extreme water sports.

Life in Fethiye

Fethiye is provided with several schools and training centers. There are no universities in the city itself, but they are available in nearby cities. The economy relies heavily on tourism, which also creates many jobs in the service, hospitality and entertainment sectors.

The city has well-developed roads, and public transport provides convenient connections with other regions.

Modern medical centers and hospitals provide quality services. The city is also famous for its restaurants, cafes and nightclubs.

It combines amazing nature and picturesque landscapes with a variety of opportunities for recreation and development. Whether it's a long holiday or a new point on the map of your life, Fethiye offers new experiences and exciting adventures.

Cities of Turkey - treasures of history, culture and beauty

Türkiye, rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty, has unique and interesting cities to visit. From historic Istanbul, with its majestic mosques and palaces, to the cozy streets of Antalya and the resort magic of Fethiye. Each region contributes to the mosaic of Turkish color.

Amazing beaches, ancient ruins, centuries-old history and modern architecture - amazing experiences await you in every corner of Turkey. Whether you are a lover of architecture, history, outdoor activities or simply enjoying the beauty of nature, Turkey invites you to discover its best city and create unforgettable memories.

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