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In search of a comfortable place to live, a pleasant holiday or a quick return on investment in real estate, many foreigners focus their attention on Alanya. The Pearl of the Mediterranean includes areas with completely different conditions and atmosphere. From picturesque beaches and sea promenades in luxurious Avsallar to cozy cafes and historical castles in the central area, every corner of sunny Alanya offers unique conditions for living and relaxing. The atmosphere in Kargicak is filled with peace and quiet, while Mahmutlar attracts with lively streets and a variety of entertainment options. Cikcilli impresses with its natural beauty, and the central region of Alanya combines tradition and modernity.

Alanya consists of 15 districts:

District name Area (km²) Population (according to TÜİK data) Geographic coordinates of the area
Avsallar 15 220 13,500 36.5833°N, 31.8833°E
Kargicak 5,989 3,862 36.4664°N, 32.1265°E
Mahmutlar 53 034 53 034 36.4900°N, 32.0989°E
Cikcilli 21 449 15,000 36.5500°N, 32.0333°E
Kadypasha (central region) 12 900 12 550 36.5531°N, 31.9951°E
Both 28,864 16,500 36.5500°N, 32.0678°E
Demirtas 3 449 3,000 36.4261°N, 32.1925°E
Kestel 15 445 12,000 36.5161°N, 32.0743°E
Tosmur 11,712 11,712 36.5333°N, 32.0500°E
Okurcalar 3,833 4,989 36.6333°N, 31.7000°E
Incekum 3 345 3 345 36.6500°N, 31.7333°E
Turkler 4,798 4,798 36.6013°N, 31.8151°E
Payallar 9 691 9 691 36.6000°N, 31.8500°E
Konakli 13,500 17,966 36.5842°N, 31.8944°E

Obviously, the choice of area depends directly on personal preferences, needs and goals. Each quarter and village has its own characteristics and can surprise anyone who wants to enjoy life on the Mediterranean coast. Let's go together to the south of sunny and hospitable Turkey and take a closer look at the best locations in Alanya for living, relaxing, and buying real estate.

The best areas of Alanya according to TÜİK:

  • Central region of Alanya
  • Avsallar
  • Both
  • Kestel
  • Kargicak
  • Mahmutlar
  • Cikcilli
  • Demirtas
  • Tosmur

Of course, it is important to take into account many factors: from building density and terrain features to the popularity of the resort among tourists and the amenities of the beaches. We'll explore the pros and cons of each area, helping you make an informed choice about your ideal home in the Turkish Mediterranean.

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Central region of Alanya

Alanya, located in the Antalya province, is a magnet for international visitors thanks to its rich historical heritage, picturesque beaches and well-developed infrastructure. The central area is known as an important tourist hub.

Historical landmarks

  • Alanya Fortress (Alanya Kalesi). Dating back to the 20th century, it was built during the Seljuk Sultanate. Positioned as one of the most important symbols of the city. The fortress offers impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea and unrivaled Alanya.
  • Red Tower (Kızıl Kule). The historical defensive site was also built during the Seljuk period in 1226. The tower is used as a museum and is one of the city's iconic buildings.
  • Damlatas Cave (Damlatas Mağarası). Opened in 1948, it is known for its stalactites and stalagmites, as well as its beneficial effects on people with respiratory diseases.


  • Cleopatra Beach (Kleopatra Plajı). One of the most beautiful and famous swimming places on the Alanya coast. Vacationers love Kleopatra Plajı for its soft golden sand and crystal clear sea. There is a legend that the beach was given as a gift by the Roman commander Mark Antony to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.
  • Damlatas Beach. It is adjacent to the cave of the same name and is widely popular among vacationers.


Alanya is famous for its excellent tourism infrastructure, providing extensive opportunities for visitors to the city. There are several hotels to suit every taste and budget, restaurants with Turkish and international cuisine, bars and a variety of entertainment venues, as well as shopping shops and bazaars for shopping.

Accommodation and shopping

  • Grand Okan Hotel. A large hotel with a high level of service and a wide range of comfortable services for visitors.
  • Alanyum is an extensive shopping and entertainment complex offering a wide selection of shops, cafes, restaurants and leisure facilities.
  • Migros. A supermarket chain offering a wide range of food and household goods.

Educational institutions

  • Alanya University (Alanya University). Large educational center with various training programs and scientific research.
  • Alanya Life College (Alanya Life College). A private educational institution offering foreign language courses and preparation for entering universities.

Medical centers

  • Alanya Hospital (Alanya Hospital). A large medical facility providing a wide range of appropriate services and emergency care.
  • Alanya Clinic (Alanya Clinic). Private medical clinic specializing in surgical operations and therapeutic procedures.

Entertainment facilities

  • Alanya Aqua Park. A popular water park with water rides and entertainment suitable for all ages.
  • Alanya Bowling Center. Bowling center with modern lanes and a cafe for relaxation.

Transport infrastructure

  • Bus stops. Distributed throughout the area, providing convenient transport accessibility.
  • Taxi. Numerous taxis provide services throughout the area, providing convenient transportation.

This is just a general overview of socially significant facilities and services in the central region of Alanya. It is obvious that a high level of service and a wide selection of services are the main criteria for a comfortable life and recreation.

Housing prices in the center of Alanya

The central district of Alanya is the main hub of the city, where key historical attractions, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes are concentrated. The cost of real estate here is quite high, which is due to the excellent location and walking distance to the main tourist attractions. Housing prices vary depending on a number of factors, including the view from the windows, the size of the apartment, the quality of renovation and the availability of additional services: swimming pool, SPA, security, parking, etc.

As a rule, prices for one-bedroom apartments in Alanya Center start from €130,000. The price tag is set taking into account the quality of construction, the condition of the property and location characteristics. Luxury and exclusive offers by the sea or in new buildings with developed infrastructure have a higher price tag.

Advantages of the Central region of Alanya

  • Accessibility of key facilities: beaches, historical attractions, shopping centers, restaurant chains and nightclubs.
  • Attractive investment prospects. High rental demand ensures return on investment.
  • Developed infrastructure. All important services and amenities are at your fingertips.

Disadvantages of Alanya Central Region

  • The cost of living and real estate in Alanya Center is higher than in other areas.
  • During the summer months, the city center is crowded with tourists, resulting in increased noise and traffic.
  • Less availability of green and open spaces compared to more remote areas.

Determining the ideal place to buy a home in Alanya largely depends on the individual preferences, financial capabilities and goals of the buyer. The central area of the city is attractive for those who prefer a dynamic lifestyle and comfortable access to all city amenities.

Avsallar District

Just 24 km from the bustling center of Alanya and 110 km from picturesque Antalya lies Avsallar. The resort had city status until 2013. This breathtaking region, surrounded by the splendor of nature, amazes with its amazing beauty and convenient location. Gazipasa International Airport is just 65 km away. It borders with the districts of Turkler and Incekum. Avsallar is widely in demand and is quite often chosen by tourists for a quality and memorable holiday.

Avsallar infrastructure

  • Restaurants and cafes

The secret of Avsallar's popularity lies primarily in the picturesque landscapes and delicious treats offered by catering establishments. Among the famous ones are Cihan Restaurant, Garden&Bar Restaurant, Nokta Restaurant. The restaurants have earned high ratings on Tripadvisor. The establishments have become real symbols of sophistication and gastronomic art. Restaurants attract with the richness of traditional Turkish cuisine and world gastronomic trends.

  • Shopping and markets

Avsallar's shopping areas are an amazing combination of modern markets and traditional bazaars. Shops offer a wide range of goods, and the outdoor farmer's market near the Fatih Mosque delights with fresh produce and national delicacies.

  • Medical services

Taking care of physical health in Avsallar is at the highest level. There are both municipal and private hospitals, dental offices and pharmacies providing a full range of medical services.

  • Educational and preschool institutions

For families with children, Avsallar provides a full range of educational opportunities. There are schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and parks here.

  • Active leisure activities

Avsallar is ideal for various activities and memorable leisure time. The Sealanya Seapark water park with a dolphinarium, the Alara River for rafting and fishing - everyone will find something to suit their taste. During the beach season, the resort turns into a real cultural and entertainment hub.

  • Transport accessibility

With a well-developed transport network, Avsallar provides transportation within the region and connections with cities. Therefore, every corner of this amazing resort village becomes easily accessible.

The infrastructure of Avsallar is not just a set of amenities, but a real creation for a comfortable and rich life, the personification of the harmony of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Property prices in Avsallar area

The picturesque Avsallar began to be built up with residential properties only 11 years ago. Land plots are allocated for the construction of large residential complexes, providing a unique area with hotel infrastructure accessible at any time of the year. In summer you can swim to your heart's content in the outdoor pools, and in winter it is ideal to take a steam bath in the hammam. There are gyms to maintain physical fitness, and SPA centers for relaxation.

The first coastline of the stunningly beautiful Avsallar is reserved for hotels, but residential buildings were built 250 meters and further from the beaches. Moreover, the further away from the coast, the larger and more comfortable the houses with large plots of land will be.

High liquidity of housing and reasonable prices ensure an influx of foreign investors. The price range for housing in Avsallar is quite wide: from €50,000 for 1+1 apartments and from €110,000 for premium class properties under construction.

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