Video review from Galina and Anatoly

10 August 2022

In this issue, our clients, Galina Alekseevna and Anatoly, will share their experience of buying real estate in Turkey. From the client's history and feedback you will learn whether it is realistic to buy an apartment with cryptocurrency, what nuances may arise and how to avoid mistakes.

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Dear Guys! Dear Lilya and Harun! Thank you for everything: for being so responsive and very, very COOL! Thanks for the study tour! Absolutely free. This is something incredible! Thank you for your concern for our problem...

11 July 2014
Review from Olga and Vladimir from Ukraine

Lily! I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your professional team! It is very pleasant to deal with punctual, responsive and decent people. Which you are. A year ago, we purchased a large apartment through an agen...

18 September 2021
Review from Daniel from Russia

Our dear, family and wonderful Friends! We think that we can safely address YOU this way. We do not at all want to adhere to the business style of writing, since YOU are more than just “clients” for us, YOU ARE OUR FRIEN...

28 February 2020
Review from Marianna and Andrey